Case Study: The Lord Of The Rings

It was a product carrying an international brand. The Blue Ray pack of the movie title “Lord of The Rings” was to be created for India distribution. The challenge was to ensure the product carries the same look and finish as it was being released globally at the same time. The team at Lifon got together. From a research carried out on the board to be used, the inks to be used on the machine, the glue to be pasted to the fine embossing………..all this went through a series of experimentation before one was able to get astonishing results which stunned the client. Achieving break-through results in metpat printing, spot UV, fine embossing to the overall fabrication and finishing the pack eventually created was in sync with global standards widely appreciated resulting in repeat orders.
Case Study 2: Procter & Gamble

Wouldn’t serving a customer for over 20 years now be enough to be a case study in itself? Yes, over two decades of association or a partnering relationship. From pre-liberalisation stage of India to meeting the time demanding needs of today’s much more brand centric, cautious and informed Indian customer, Lifon has adapted and delivered consistently to this global giant. With a modest beginning to now meeting POS requirements of all their brands, Lifon has been more of an extention for every Product Manager at P & G from the stages of ideation to delivery. Today, Lifon is an able brand custodian of P & G’s image, delivering print products across a range of brands which they produce consistently.